Andrew Abato
8,87 MB
31 Mar 2010

Do you like to read books online? Read the Celtic Mandalas - Beautiful Mandalas and Patterns for Colouring In, Relaxation and Meditation ebook online. With our site it is simple. Register and download books for free. Big choice!

Mandalas have been used from ancient times to the present as an aid to meditation. The arrangement around a central point assists us in finding our inner centre and helps the spirit unwind in today's increasingly fast-paced, noisy world. Children can occupy themselves for hours with mandalas, and so many teachers and nursery nurses use them in kindergartens. The colouring-in process promotes patience, colour sense and concentration, and the finished mandalas give children a feeling of accomplishment. They enjoy the experience of seeing the effect as they colour them in!

Third Eye Chakra Mandala Meditation Intuition, psychic energies, dreams, clarity, guidance, inner voice, spiritual guidance, instincts. The sanskrit name for the third eye chakra centre is Ajna.